Preserving the Art of Central Valley Armenian Home Cooking

The Stranger


By now, you’ve picked up the gist of my blog: the plot is about Armenian food; the setting is the kitchen; but you may still be wondering about the protagonist.

This project began as a personal journaling exercise about 4 years ago. It’s about the cast of characters, or influences, that enter our lives through the kitchen. Perhaps they come through the television set, or the rare spices we bring in from a specialty market. Sometimes they take the form of personalities from the cookbooks we reference.

It’s a bit oxymoronic, because we think of our kitchens as private spaces, but I see them as open portals to that which is unconscious, new, problematic, liberating.

Thank you again for coming! Please get comfortable, and I’ll provide something to chew on.

Sympathetic Souls

Sympathetic Souls

I’ve just finished reading A Gentleman in Moscow, and it was such delightful and refreshing read. Ann Patchett was correct in her assessment that “the book is like a salve.” We must thank the author, Amor Towles, for creating a most beloved protagonist in Count Alexander Rostov, whose […]